DistilwareTM: Compare Edition

Distilware offers 3 different types of editions to companies who want to maximize their business, and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage with Industry Solution that is specific to their need.

The following table compares the three editions:

  • Bottling/ Packaging
  • Primary
  • Enterprise
Edition Comparison Table
Bottling /
Primary* Enterprise
Inventory Management a a a
Vendor Management a a a
Production Management a a a
Finance & Accounting a a
Sales Management a a
Warehouse Management a a a
Depot/ Retail Management a a
Interactive Dashboard a a a
SMS & Email Communication a
Synchronization a
Reports a a a

DistilwareTM Implementation Methodology

Implementation Methodology

Companies that install Distilware will have an easy time of it. Traditional ERP systems will take more than 6 months to 1 year for single implementation. Where as, with the methodology we follow Distilware can be implemented with in 2 to 3 months depending on the requirements and process of the company implementing.

Life cycle of Distilware Benefits

Life Cycle

Benefits of DistilwareTM

  • Reduces business risk
  • Structured process ensures the right functional fit
  • Injects sense of reality into vendor evaluation and implementation planning process
  • Reduces implementation cost
  • Investment in an effective evaluation and selection process saves money later
  • Effective negotiation with vendor reduces total cost of ownership

Drive business performance, measure financial effectiveness, and make better business decisions that deliver real results.

Our mission is simple: to provide the best Industry Solution that fits the needs of your organization and helps you deliver superior results.

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